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Comp recap - Fitcess WLC competition. 14/5/22

Last time I wrote one of these it took me about 2 weeks to publish, so I'm going to try and keep this one relatively sharp and to the point. If the grammar doesn't make total sense I can always edit it later! ha.

This weekends comp was held in the excellent Fitcess gym, home of Fitcess WLC based in Preston! I believe that it was their first time hosting a BWL meet or any sort of olympic weightlifting competition to my knowledge, although you wouldn't think it with how well organised and how smoothly it ran, big shout out to a now much less stressed Nicky Coupe for being largely responsible for this! (and for the pizza at the end - legend).

We had four compete today, Fiona, Yingwei, Greg and Sharon - all relatively new to the sport and all in their first British Weightlifting run competition. So lets get into how they did!


Snatch: 28/30/32

C&J: 37/41x/41

Total: 73

Fiona's had a main focus on snatch the last month, in particular trying to be patient enough in the pull to allow the barbell to meet the hip when contact is made rather than the thigh. Previously she was missing forward a lot, the extra patience led to a nice PB today which I think was thoroughly deserved!

Clean and jerk went equally as well, Fiona's cleans have been strong in training but with jerk we are trying to deal with a little error where disconnects from the floor in the dip and shifts one foot back before driving. We didn't quite get to the bottom of this one today, but she still made all of her jerks so we got away with it!

What next?

  • Address the dip and drive in the jerk

  • Continue general strength work


Snatch: 40/43/45x

C&J: 48/51x/51

Total: 94

Yingwei is new to the club after moving over from her club in Sweden to work in Liverpool. She still has the same coach who delivers her sessions remotely, then she trains with the team and I just help along with getting her coaches message across and providing feedback when she needs it. It really hasn't taken Yingwei long to integrate into the team, she has such a weird and wonderful personality and really doesn't take herself too seriously at all - a perfect fit for us!

As for her competition, she performed really well! snatches were 99% there, she only missed her last attempt (and I will quote back to the last comp recap of Karls snatch miss) by "Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory" at the last second by losing stability overhead whilst standing and lost the barbell backwards behind her! Clean and jerk started really well too, the miss on her second attempt was purely an error off of the floor which made the recovery in the catch very difficult and resulted in a miss. On the whole a very good day for Yingwei in her first competition, so well done to her and her Coach!

What's next?

  • More hilarious lifting faces, reactions, and general tomfoolery!

  • Overhead stability work!


Snatch 75x/75/78x

C&J: 93/96/100x

Total: 171

Greg's rise in form over the last 2-3 months has been awesome to witness! And it really is not a surprise that he is doing so well, he's thrown himself into weightlifting and has taken every opportunity presented to him to improve both his understanding and his physical performance of the sport.

Greg put on a great performance on the day, and we really pushed numbers more than I usually would because he had looked so good in training - we thought that 80-82 on the day was doable! We opened 4kg off of his best snatch in training, the first attempt was a miss then he nailed the second before narrowly missing 78kg.I still think that the 80+ snatch was in there, we just need to review how to warm him up as he didn't look comfortable riding the barbell into an overhead squat on his opener.

Clean and jerk went really well, he actually power cleaned all of his attempts (against the plan but shows that he has potential for much more!) and only missed his final attempt on the jerk.

Whilst I know that Greg feels disappointed for the misses, the makes he made were excellent and really showed what he is capable of - a bodyweight snatch and well over body weight clean and jerk is a hell of a start to competitions. Let's not forget that he is still a beginner!

What's next?

  • Greater percentage of Jerk work

  • Dial in dropping into a full snatch and clean

  • General strength work


Snatch: 30/33/36

Clean & Jerk: 35/39/41

Total: 77

Sharon is a delight. She works hard and brings such a good energy with her anywhere she goes. Snatches and cleans have definitely been her strong points going into the competition, and jerk was what we had to double down on. And it's really paid off!! The positions she's able to hit on the jerk now are closer to what we were working towards, and I suspect that it's because she's had a lightbulb moment own how to drive the barbell without cutting the drive short!

Snatch was a dream, the heavier she got the better she got. She was super patient and made really crisp contact with the barbell and looked so smooth!

Clean and jerk also went really well. Very straight forward cleans followed by really confident jerks.

What's next?

  • Continue technical work and consolidate jerk performance

  • Increase general strength

My summary

Great competition and really well run. The team who lifted on the day are a group on individuals who really make you feel good, are so positive and hilarious I hope they decide to compete in every comp I coach at!

As far as my coaching goes, I think that I did okay - I really could have commanded the backroom area better to allow Greg more time in his warm ups and ensured that he could get more comfortable sitting down into his snatches - maybe that would have helped his opener, maybe it wouldn't. But its a lesson learned on my part.

The competition at Fitcess was attended by some really great coaches and athletes which I had the chance chat to and connect with albeit briefly. So hopefully I'll make sone road trips in the effort to up-skill and learn from other coaches and athletes!

Final note: Fiona had to leave early so we had Greg add her into the squad picture - I dont think you can tell.

Want to check out the recap from our last comp? Click below to see how Liverpool Weightlifting Club did in Altrincham at the British weightlifting Open!

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