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Join the team!

Joining the team is easy. Browse the below options and see what works best for you. Then fill out and submit the 'Join' form at the bottom of the page!


Satellite coaching options

In person coaching and team training sessions based at Taylor's Strength training gym.

£10 + Gym entry

Team Coaching drop in

Turn up and join in with our group training session. You can follow your own programming or join in with our team WoD! This is not a private session, and coaching time will be divided amongst the athletes present.


Team Coaching

Become part of the in house LWLC team. Includes multiple training sessions per month (4-16), Technical analysis delivered via CoachNow, and bespoke programming. By far our most popular training service.

(charged monthly)

£35 per session

Private Coaching

Train privately with a Coach to work on whatever you want!


Remote coaching options

Can't make it in to train with us? No problem! Check out our online training solutions.
(all options charged monthly).


Tech Check

Tech Check is our technique analysis subscription. Upload as much or as little as you need reviewed! Feedback will be given within the same week by Coach Joe with a voice over, and an annotated video to help level up your lifting technique!

This is the best option for athletes who are happy to program for themselves but require a coaches eye, Crossfit athletes, and athletes participating in S&C programs who require a technical eye on their barbell lifts. 


Mentored Training

If you're an athlete who prefers the freedom and flexibility of going by how they feel, focussing on what you want to focus on and being responsible for your own decisions in training and your own success this option is for you! 

With mentored training you will work with coach Joe to learn and understand how to build solid technique, address technical issues, progress strength, and make decisions on how you will progress long term. As part of your package you will have access to unlimited technical analysis via tech check, weekly opportunity to check in with coach Joe to review your programming, and access to LWLC planning and periodisation resources. 

Mentored training is perfect for coaches who want to learn to lift and coach barbell sports, Personal Trainers, and athletes who want learn powerlifting, weightlifting or super total secondary to their main sport. 


Online Coaching

Programs built for you, your body, and you're ambitions.

Online coaching is for anyone who wants to work with LWLC but can't make it to in person sessions. Programming is available for all disciplines and builds towards events and dates you deem important! Online coaching also includes technical analysis as standard and weekly check ins to ensure you are on the right track!

Going to a competition the team is attending? Pay no extra for handling at the event if a coach is already there!




Thanks for submitting! Expect an email response from JMKstrength@gmail.com shortly!